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How to select the best domain registrar?

Domain name search can only be done when you have decided to register it to a trustworthy domain registration provider. It is crucial to register it through a trusted registrar to avoid scams and keep your domain safe from being used as the parked domain or getting monetized for personal use by others. In order to be safe and make your whole DNS setup free of such hazards you should only consider top providers who have been in the market for years and have a proven track record of having plenty of satisfied clients.

In order to choose the best registrar online you should follow the following steps:

Collect a list of trusted and well-known domain registrars in order to know who are there to help you out. Remember, never rely on a single list only, rather, you can surf on the internet to do plenty of research in order to sort out some of the top service providers in this category. In this way you will have a good list of best service providers for domain registration.

From these, shortlist a few that you think would be most suitable services to fulfill your requirements. This will help you narrow down your search.

After that, you should search for necessary information about the shortlisted provider in order to know about their services.

You should check the ICANN status of the registrars, as it will determine whether or not the service provider has been accredited. An accredited service provider will definitely ensure quality services and would never put its reputation at risk for a few extra bucks. So do make it sure that the one you have chosen has been accredited by ICANN.

Check out for the rates offered and the discount offers as well as payment plans. You can easily go through the list of rates and plans that you can use. Only choose a provider that offers a customizable registration plan that caters to all your needs completely.

After knowing the provider and investigating all necessary aspects, you can register there. You can then enter your desired domain names one by one into the search box and get one or two registered immediately. In Australia you can find numerous trustworthy domain registration providers to help you out in getting best DNS services.

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